Non-Profit Law

Gianelli & Polley, a Professional Corporation represents a wide variety of non-profit organizations throughout California.  Our clients consist primarily of IRC Section 501 (c)(3) tax exempt, public charity organizations such as community foundations, theater groups, health and safety organizations, senior service organizations, booster clubs, sports programs, churches, religious ministries, youth organizations and many others.  We are also competent to assist in the formation and organization of  several other different types of tax exempt organizations, including IRC Section 501(c)(4) organizations and IRC Section 501(c)(6) organizations.  We also assist with the formation and organization of mutual benefit corporations.

Through our non profit legal expertise we assist in the organizing and establishment of non profit organizations (preparation of bylaws, articles, first meeting of directors, state and federal forms).  We meet with organizers in order to listen to their goals and guide them regarding formation and operation decisions that best meet their philanthropic goals.  After formation, we meet with board members to provide guidance in the daily challenges of running a non profit organization and we communicate law changes that are relevant to our clients’ specific situations. We offer clients expertise in non profit governance and fiduciary duties, educating them and preparing policy statements on issues such as whistle blower policy and conflicts of interest to ensure best practices in both legal compliance as well as expanding the capacities of such organizations so they can better fulfill their missions.

We at Gianelli & Polley believe in philanthropy as a firm and in giving back to the community on an individual level. Our attorneys have vast experience as non-profit board members in our community.  This hands-on experience  has provided us a valuable inside perspective on advising non-profit organizations.